GTI Geneva Team

François Grey

GTI Director

François is a physicist with a background in nanotechnology, and a passion for citizen science. He also has broad experience in science management, teaching and communication, in the United States, China, Japan, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. He is invited professor at the Centre Universitaire d’Informatique (CUI) of the University of Geneva since 2014, and Director of the Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative since 2016.
+41 22 379 80 23

Susana Perdiz

GTI Executive Coordinator

Susana is the Executive coordinator of the GTI, assisting François on the day-to-day running of all involved activities. She is specifically in charge of budgetary matters and reporting to donors and other partners. Susana holds a Masters’ degree in International Relations and and LL.M. in International Humanitarian Law. She brings the GTI her solid experience at UNIGE, where she has notably managed an advanced degree program in IHL and been Academic affairs associate to the Rectorate.
+41 22 379 71 75

Giulia Brocco

GTI Coordinator

Giulia is program coordinator at GTI, with special focus on the communications with Tsinghua University in Beijing and Shenzhen. She has a background in Chinese studies and is affiliated with the Confucius Institute at the University of Geneva. She provides assistance to students and supports the Geneva Tsinghua Initiative in most of its projects, ensuring their smooth execution and completion.
+41 22 379 07 31

Thomas Maillart

SDG Solution Space Manager

Thomas leads hands-on and challenge-based learning at the SDG Solution Space, a maker space at the heart of International Geneva that conveys an open source spirit and a culture of innovation as a fun, collective practice to foster the SDGs. Thomas Maillart also leads the SDG Innovation X-change, a continuing education program for impact entrepreneurs, corporate sustainable innovation, and innovation labs at NGOs and international organizations.
+41 22 379 80 22

Jose Luis Fernandez Marquez

GTI Accelerator Manager

Jose Luis leads the SDG Accelerator which allows students’ projects to scale-up through the different innovation phases. SDG Accelerator aims at helping the students to transform their ideas into innovation. The SDG Accelerator runs with an expert board composed of people from the main innovation institutions in Geneva, and International Organisations. They bring together different expertise to evaluate, advise, and provide support to the GTI students teams. Jose Luis also provides support to the GTI Ph.D. students.
+41 22 379 09 60

GTI PhD Researchers

Amudha Ravi Shankar

Amudha is a researcher at Citizen Cyberlab and a PhD candidate at the University of Geneva. Her research focuses on role of crowdsourcing, social media and artificial intelligence in generating reliable and actionable data for humanitarian response. She has a professional background in architecture, urban planning, disaster management & GIS. Previously she has worked for WHO & UNOCHA . As part of the GTI team, she acts as a focal point between the students of the Masters program and UNITAR and also assists the GTI internship program.


Ahmed Riad Ismail

Ahmed is a researcher at GTI and PhD candidate at the University of Geneva. His research focuses on the role of digital innovations such as AI in “modelling sustainable digital transformation”. Ahmed is currently working at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) HQ in Geneva. He works in core team of the Artificial Intelligence for Good Global Summit, manages the Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation programme at ITU Telecom World events, and supports the New Initiatives and Emerging Technologies Division at the Standardization Bureau.

Xinyu Zhan (Mallory)

Mallory is a researcher at GTI and PhD candidate at the University of Geneva.  She is working on partnership building with international organizations and NGOs for GTI programmes. Her research focuses on the role of citizen participation in sustainability transformation. She is also an advisor to the SDG Lab at UNOG, providing insights to impactful partnerships and SDGs implementation at country level.  Previously, Mallory has worked for UNDP and UNICEF, as well as the Environment Programme at Oak Foundation.


Yi Zheng (Jenny)

Yi is a researcher at GTI and PhD candidate at the University of Geneva. She holds a MA in World History from King’s College London. Her research focuses on the role of higher education institute, global governance and education on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
She is also the Head of Office of the Institute for Sustainable Development Goals of Tsinghua University (TUSDG), the manager of the Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN) China Hub. Besides, she is also a certified auto-racing referee since 2017.

Fayez Alrafeea

Fayez is a researcher at GTI and PhD candidate at the University of Geneva. He is also an associate researcher at Institut Confucius. His research focuses on certifying and fighting fake news in Social Media. Previously, Fayez has worked in the software industry, specializing in big data and back end development.


Charlotte Poussin

Charlotte is a researcher and a PhD candidate at the University of Geneva in environmental sciences. In the context of her PhD, she is working in close collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and more specifically with the Global Resource Information Database (GRID) network. Her research attempts to assess and monitor the impact of climate change in the Swiss Alps using remote sensing data.

Hafiz Budi Firmansyah

Hafiz is a researcher and PhD student in Information Systems at University of Geneva. He has previously worked with UNDP as an IT Consultant. He obtained his Master degree in Informatics at Université de Paris, France in 2016.
His research focuses on machine learning and social media for disaster management. Specifically, the research attempts to automatically classify the information from social media by using a machine learning approach during a natural disaster.

SDG Solution Space Student Fellows Autumn Semester 2021

Franziska Kurz

Franzi is a student of the GTI SDG Dual Degree Master program, with a background in International Business Administration and Chinese Studies. As part of the SDG Solution Space team, she is providing support in organizing and hosting hackathons and other events. She is passionate about innovation for sustainable development and contributes experience in corporate innovation management.

Huimin Hu

Huimin is a student of the GTI SDG Dual Master Degree Program, with an academic background in Chinese Language and Literature. As a student fellow of the SDG Solution Space, she is responsible for documentation and reporting. She has several years’ work experience of governmental international cooperation in the field of geospatial information and she worked for the Regional Committee Secretariat of the UN Global Geospatial Information Management for Asia and the Pacific. She is interested in SDGs research and eager to learn more from innovative ideas and activities.

Leyi Li

Leyi is a MSc candidate of the GTI Dual Degree MIHDS, in Future Cities specialization. As part of the SDG Solution Space team, she provides support in the FabLab and for other daily tasks. She is passionate about innovation in sustainable cities, healthy aging and spatial gender equality, and had experience in urban research institute (NDRC and Vanke) in China.

Pingpanya Phommilath

Ping is a GTI’s Master in Innovation, Human Development, and Sustainability (Dual Track) Program student. Being part of the GTI and SDG Solution space team, he manages and coordinates online events. Before joining the GTI team, he was a Programme Assistant at UNDP Laos PDR, and he has a background in Public Administration, specialized in Government digital transformation. Getting everyone involved in the process of SDGs is his calling, primarily through the tool of technologies, e.g., e-participation and e-government.

SDG Solution Space Student Fellows Summer 2021

Ana Carolina Peixoto

Ana is a postgraduate student of the GTI SDG Dual Degree Master program. She is providing support to initiatives under GTI’s SDG Accelerator. Ana has a background in Environmental Engineering and Energy Planning in Latin America. She has also been active in the water sector, promoting international competitions for innovative students and contributing to the SIWI’s Scientific Program Committee. She is particularly interested in Blockchain applications for the SDGs.

Arissandra Egorova

Arissandra is a student of the GTI SDG Dual Degree Master program, in partnership with Tsinghua University. As part of the SDG Solution Space Team, she is providing support in writing and designing GTI reports, including the SDGzine on the 2021 SDG Summer School. With a background in geography and environment, Arissandra is currently specilizing in urban planning and has previously worked with ZeroWaste Geneva on awareness campaigns in the city. She is particularly interested in urban ecology, risk management and climate resilience.

Chiagozie Udeh

Chiagozie is a MSc candidate of the GTI Master in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability (Dual Track) Program. As part of the SDG Solution Space team, he is providing support on event organisation and coordination. He is also supporting the Space’s communication via social media platforms.

Previously, Chiagozie served as the 2019 Global South Focal Point for YOUNGO, Chairperson Plant-for-the-Planet Global Youth Board and worked with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Nigeria on Climate Change and other projects.

Inge Baak

Inge is a student of the GTI SDG Dual Degree Master program, with a background in Chinese Studies. She supports the SDG Solution Space Team in the facilitation of the Summer School and helps manage and organise online activities. She contributes to making the Solution Space a motivating environment. Being passionate about social sustainability, conflict resolution and communication has led her to intern with Reos Partners, an international social enterprise that is part of the SDG Ecosystem, where she pursues these passions and learns about high-level communication.

SDG Solution Space Student Fellows 2020-2021

Ana Carolina Peixoto

Chiagozie Udeh

Josephine Lynggaard

Katherine Huang

SDG Solution Space Student Fellows 2019-2020

Rasyidah Ibrahim

Victoria de Castro Huber

William Bennett Rynearson

SDG Solution Space Student Fellows 2018-2019

Afroditi Anastasaki

Natacha Reymond

Stephanie Chuah

SDG Solution Space Student Fellows 2017-2018

Emmanuel Kellner

Fatime Ahmeti