Online | SDG Innovation Bootcamp |  Oct. – Nov. 2020

  • Learn and practice SDG Innovation at the heart of International Geneva
  • Meet with top Academic and International Organization experts
  • Identify and tackle local/regional/global environmental and social challenges
  • Become part of a cosmopolite community of like-minded folks


The 2020 SDG Innovation Bootcamp , under the special covid-19 circumstances, re-envisions its mission to provide robust and agile education in the practice of innovation for the implementation of the SDGs.

This series’ edition will take place online, through blended online training.


Learning Goal #1

Address concrete SDG challenges “hands-on” :

  • identify SDG challenges,
  • factor in arising opportunities,
  • implement practical solutions.

Learning Goal #2

Integrate technologies :

  •  for SDG monitoring,
  •  for environmental, social and economic innovations,
  •  for scaling for impact.

Learning Goal #3

Activate collective intelligence :

  • shift from routine practices to adaptive innovation,
  • get wicked problems solved,
  • maximize consensus building,
  • engage all business lines and at any organizational level.

Learning Goal #4

Implement new business practices embedded with :

  • adaptability,
  • accountability,
  • responsibility.

Learning Goal #5

Seek the most adapted funding schemes :

  • philanthropy,
  • impact investment,
  • blended finance,
  • traditional finance.

Mission Statement

We aim to educate a new generation of students and professionals, to be innovation experts for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

A Unique Partnership

Learning Goals

  • Public Policies: a major driver for new innovation & business opportunities.    
  • Technologies: emerging solutions for achieving sustainable development.
  • Open Innovation: a key approach to overcome complex sustainability problems.
  • Business & Finance: ways to scale SDG innovations.

Learning Methods

  • Micro-learning background briefings by researchers & UN executives.
  • Networking opportunities through group-based hands-on activities with international organizations, private sector companies & start-ups.
  • Hands-on innovation practice skills, through topic-related hackathons
  • Innovation training for participation in full length challenge-based trainings, like SDG Open Hack ! & Open Geneva hackathons. 

Teaching Modules

Guided by professionals in e-learning and experts in the practice of innovation, we aim to connect participants from around the world, with international organizations, private companies, and start-ups, to engage in a highly cross-disciplinary endeavor, to create concrete, innovative and scalable solution paths to sustainability challenges brought by partnering organizations. 

Through self-paced and blended e-training, the Online SDG Innovation Bootcamp will cover the following topics of importance for the implementation of the SDGs:

  • Module 1 | Aging and disabilities – Tackling the exposition of elderly and disabled amid COVID-19
  • Module 2 | Earth observation for sustainable finance – Pricing sustainable financial products

Teaching content

  • Expert domain knowledge 
  • Case studies and testimonies
  • Open innovation practice, including community building 
  • Knowledge sharing principles
  • Internalization of open innovation
  • Business development in the sharing economy
  • Financing of socially & environmentally conscious businesses
  • Social entrepreneurship

Program Timeline

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Intended Audience

  • Private Sector : establish a corporate sustainabilty strategy through innovation.
  • Public (Int’l) Sector : understand how public (resp. Int’l) policies boost innovation.
  • Academia : academic affairs wiling to establish a SDG Innovation strategy.  
  • Young Entrepreneurs & Students : build new business ideas with SDG principles.

Enrollment & Pricing


  • Benefits

As individual participants, you will learn and practice innovation to tackle outstanding SDG challenges brought by and with international organizations, companies and start-ups.

  • Pricing

Professionals/Academics from public and private companies or institutions: 250 CHF / module.

Students & Young Entrepreneurs: 50 CHF / module. 

Applications will open soon. 

Apply here   


Upon completion of at least 1 topic-module (including participation in the respective hackathon), you will receive our SDG Innovation Bootcamp training certification. 

nb : Tuition fees are payable prior to the program, upon application acceptance and confirmation.



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