Open Geneva

Open Geneva has been established to promote open innovation with a spirit of knowledge sharing for the common good. In particular, Open Geneva aims to foster open innovation for the arts, science, technology, and for society in the Greater Geneva Area.


Open Geneva was established in 2015 by the Geneva Creativity Center in order to promote innovation for the improvement of life quality in Geneva. During the 1st edition, several teams of students worked during 2 weekends on scientific projects, as well as social and technical innovations, related to energy, health, mobility. The 2016 edition was focused on medical technologies and brought a larger scope of participants during a curated hackathon organized by The Port in collaboration with the Geneva University Hospitals.

 2018 Edition

During an entire week, Open Geneva attracted more than 800 participants to 31 hackathons, around 250 people to conferences, open doors, and workshops, as well as more than 300 attendees at the Hack Show, on Sunday 15th April afternoon. These figures show that the Open Innovation Festival, which was born in 2017 following 2 hackathons organized in 2015 and 2016, has already become one of the largest innovation events in Switzerland. This success is the result of a broad engagement by public and semi-public institutions, private businesses, students, researchers, concerned people active in associations, as well as kids, youths, and retired individuals. Through open innovation, all these men and women aim to contribute concretely, with the help of their communities, to the improvement of the world they live in, locally and globally.

2017 Edition

In 2017, Open Geneva became a festival of hackathons. With the support of the Digital Strategy of the University of Geneva, more than 21 initiatives were organized, with the involvement of schools and research centers, administrations and companies, public and private institutions. Approximately 400 participants with a broad variety of skills and motivations developed over 50 innovatives projects, among which some have continued to develop. This keen interest is a confirmation that there is a real commitment for open innovation in Geneva.

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