SDG Summer School

In September 2015, world leaders committed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. Over the next 15 years, governments will strive to achieve goals such as ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and tackling climate change. To achieve these goals, we need to enable today’s youth to play an active and meaningful role in tackling the SDGs. The motivation of the SDG Summer School is for teams of University students, in close collaboration with UN organisations, to conceive ways to use open data, crowdsourcing technologies, and low-cost open source solutions to tackle sustainable development in ways that a wider public can participate in. The goal is to develop prototypes suitable for deployment.

SDG Summer School 2022 

The theme of the 2022 edition of the SDG Summer School is “Open Source Health Solutions”. The school lasts four weeks, from Monday 4 July to Friday 29 July. The format is a hybrid, with teams working locally in maker spaces in Geneva, Paris, Seoul and Shenzhen, while collaborating online in a global network. The challenges come from organisations like the Global Fund and WHO, and these organisations provide mentors to the teams. In addition, PhD students working in leading health organisations in Geneva and around the globe, from the doctoral programme of the Institute for Global Health at University of Geneva, will coach the teams.

This year’s edition of the SDG Summer School is supported by the Global Fund for the Fight against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, and corporate sponsors Partisia Blockchain Foundation and Seeed Studio.

IMPORTANT: Each of the four sites participating in the SDG Summer School has a separate application procedure. Please make sure to select the site you intend to join when registering below. A few SDG Summer Student Stipends are available, to cover travel, accommodation and tuition fees. If these expenses are a challenge for you, please explain this in your application, and indicate that you would like to be considered for a stipend. 

DEADLINES: Students requiring visas should apply by Sunday, 1 May. Students not requiring visas may apply until Wednesday, 1 June.

APPLICATIONS (click on your preferred host site):

Geneva (University of Geneva, SDG Solution Space)

Paris (Université Paris Cité, Learning Planet Institute)

Seoul (Yonsei University, Design Factory Korea)

Shenzhen (Chaihuo x.factory, Seeed Studio)

Challenge-based learning

The SDG Summer School is all about team-based problem solving and hands-on prototype development, going from a conception phase to producing practical demos, using Open Source solutions. The overarching goal is to make a useful prototype and develop a realistic deployment plan, in just four intense weeks, with weekly online pitching sessions every Friday to a set of professional coaches and distinguished mentors. Several International Organisations in Geneva provide exciting challenges based on extensive field experience. The methodology is inspired by Jean Piaget, a global pioneer of the Science of Education at University of Geneva for 50 years. Piaget encouraged several generations of educators to embrace a challenge-based mode of learning, which is at the heart of this unique Summer School.

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