Tsinghua | SDG Innovation Bootcamp | November | 2019


Take part in the journey, become a leading maker in SDG innovation!


SDG Innovation Bootcamp is the world’s first one-week certificate program on innovation for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG Innnovation Bootcamp is a week-long, intensive and hands-on course that provides all you need to know to produce and scale up innovations addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDG Innovation Bootcamp is jointly organised by Tsinghua X-lab, Tsinghua iCenter and the Geneva SDG Solution Space at the University of Geneva, in cooperation the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), as part of the Geneva Tsinghua Initiative.

The SDG Innovation Bootcamp includes participation in Tsinghua | SDG Open Hack!, the first open innovation festival for the SDGs being held in China.

Stay tuned here for the upcoming 2020 session.

Learning Goal #1

Address concrete SDG challenges “hands-on” :

  • identify SDG challenges,
  • factor in arising opportunities,
  • implement practical solutions.

Learning Goal #2

Integrate technologies :

  •  for SDG monitoring,
  •  for environmental, social and economic innovations,
  •  for scaling for impact.

Learning Goal #3

Activate collective intelligence :

  • shift from routine practices to adaptive innovation,
  • get wicked problems solved,
  • maximize consensus building,
  • engage all business lines and at any organizational level.

Learning Goal #4

Implement new business practices embedded with :

  • adaptability,
  • accountability,
  • responsibility.


Learning Goal #5

Seek the most adapted funding schemes :

  • philanthropy,
  • impact investment,
  • blended finance,
  • traditional finance.

Mission Statement

We aim to educate a new generation of students and professionals, to be innovation experts for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

A Unique Partnership

Learning Goals

The SDG Innovation Bootcamp | Tsinghua introduces innovations for sustainable development in China through :


  • Public Policies : a major driver for new innovation & business opportunities in China.
  • Technology for the SDGs : emerging solutions for achieving sustainable development.
  • Open Innovation : a key approach to overcome complex sustainability problems.
  • Business for SDG Innovation : ways to scale innovations sustainably in China.
  • Experiential learning : through participation in SDG Open Hack!

Learning Methods

  • Background briefings by researchers from China’s top University.
  • Exclusive insights through visits to startups and established companies.
  • Networking opportunities through group-based hands-on activities.
  • Innovation training by participating in a campus-wide hackathon.

Target Audience

The SDG Innovation Bootcamp deliberately targets a broad audience, to ensure a mix of skills and generations.

  • Private Sector : companies wanting to establish innovation activities in China.
  • Public Sector : organisations looking to learn about Chinese sustainable development policies.
  • Academia : researchers keen to establish partnerships at China’s top university.
  • Startups : early stage companies exploring manufacturing or partnership opportunities in China.
  • Students : budding entrepreneurs with ideas that they want to develop in Chinese incubators.

Enrollment & Tuition


  • You or your organisation have an innovative concept or project with scaling potential in China.
  • You are willing to share your ideas with like-minded innovators through experiential learning activities.

Registrations are now closed


  • Private Sector : 2000 CHF
  • Public Sector : 1’000 CHF
  • Academia : 700 CHF
  • Startups*: 300 CHF
  • Students* : 300 CHF

* students and startup entrepreneurs may apply for fee waivers and travel grants

Course Completion & Certificate

Completion requirements

  • You must attend the entire course and take part in a team-based project pitching exercise.
  • You must document your achievements in a 1000-words blogpost or 2-minute video.


A certificate of completion of the SDG Innovation Bootcamp will be jointly awarded by :


Any question ? Please contact us: info@gt-initiative.org