Project: 2020 or Bust
Shifting climate change from being something big, complex, and inaccessible, to something simple and actionable.

“You have to do what no one else has done—make climate change and the ending of it go viral.”

Ending the climate crisis is the challenge of the 21st century. While there are many actions that are being taken and could be taken, there is very little work being done to track and manage the actions that MUST be taken to produce the specific, measurable result of ending the crisis.

How do we know if our actions are making a difference?

The 2020 or Bust app was specifically designed to track and manage measurable results toward ending the crisis. It challenges users to take ending climate change into their own hands, by giving them a choice of actions they can take to reduce their carbon usage.

Depending on the actions they select and their location, they are then given a 2020 carbon target to work toward. All the targets are aggregated into one global target so that people can see the direct connection between their daily actions and the progress of humanity in bridging the critical 2020 emission gap. Ending the climate crisis becomes a game that anyone can play and that, together as a global community, we can win!

The 2020 or Bust campaign is officially supported by: