SDG Innovation Bootcamp 

The world’s first one-week certificate program on innovation for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG Innovation Bootcamp is a week-long, intensive and hands-on course that provides all you need to know to produce and scale up innovations addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDG Innovation Bootcamp is jointly organized by Tsinghua X-lab and the Geneva SDG Solution Space, in cooperation with the UN Institute for Training and Research, as part of the Geneva Tsinghua Initiative.

Next SDG Innovation Bootcamp

  • Online | SDG Innovation Bootcamp | 2020
  • Postponed until October 2020
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Learning Goal #1

Address concrete SDG challenges “hands-on” :

  • identify SDG challenges,
  • factor in arising opportunities,
  • implement practical solutions.

Learning Goal #2

Integrate technologies :

  •  for SDG monitoring,
  •  for environmental, social and economic innovations,
  •  for scaling for impact.

Learning Goal #3

Activate collective intelligence :

  • shift from routine practices to adaptive innovation,
  • get wicked problems solved,
  • maximize consensus building,
  • engage all business lines and at any organizational level.

Learning Goal #4

Implement new business practices embedded with :

  • adaptability,
  • accountability,
  • responsibility.


Learning Goal #5

Seek the most adapted funding schemes :

  • philanthropy,
  • impact investment,
  • blended finance,
  • traditional finance.

Mission Statement

We aim to educate a new generation of students and professionals, to be innovation experts for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

A Unique Partnership

Geneva | SDG Innovation Bootcamp

Geneva | SDG Innovation Bootcamp is organized by the Geneva Tsinghua Initiative at the SDG Solution Space and will deliver teaching and experiential learning on innovation for the SDGs from an International Geneva. The program is balanced between theoretical background, case reports & testimonies, and concrete hands-on innovation activities. This Geneva | SDG Innovation Bootcamp coincides with Open Geneva, the yearly innovation festival occurring every spring in Geneva, with thousands of innovators participating in dozens of hackathons across the city. This provides a wealth of opportunities to explore innovation in a range of sectors in which Geneva excels.

 More information

Tsinghua | SDG Innovation Bootcamp

Next Tsinghua | SDG Innovation Bootcamp | 2020 will be held in November 2020 in Beijing. While we prepare the upcoming session, please see more information on the past session, which was held in November 2019. 

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“The SDG Innovation Bootcamp gave me many tools to boost my project. The Geneva experience was great because of the network and experienced professionals we were introduced to. The China experience was an amazing approach to a marvelous culture. The best of all was to meet successful entrepreneurs from both regions and to share experiences.” 
Sandra Orcí Gutiérrez