Online Coaching

The Open Seventeen Challenge is an online interactive coaching programme to help young global innovators connect and shape good ideas into viable social innovations projects for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Open Seventeen Challenge supports projects that tackle SDG-related issues, enabling grassroots public participation and citizen science through the use of open data and crowdsourcing. The challenge is open to undergraduate students from any field and region, individually or in teams.

Participants in the Open Seventeen Challenge are coached by academic experts as well as mentors from the UN. Online coaching takes place over five 2-hour interactive sessions. On successful completion, some students are invited to present and develop their projects in international events such as the SDG Summer School, the WSIS Forum 2020 and AI for Good.

The next Open Seventeen Challenge is on the topic of Tackling Plastic Pollution. The challenges are set by UN Environment (UNEP). Deadline for registration is 27 October 2019.

The Open Seventeen Challenge is the online coaching platform of the Geneva Tsinghua Initiative (GTI). It is used to select student for the SDG Summer School and attract candidates for the Dual Degree Master Programme, part of the GTI comprehensive education programme for the SDGs.

The founding partners of the Open Seventeen Challenge, which was launched in 2015, are Citizen Cyberlab and the GovLab. The Citizen Science Center Zurich and Tsinghua X-lab are partners since 2018.